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Mrs Dalloway ,Virginia Woolf

Mrs Dalloway ,Virginia Woolf
Autor: Virginia Woolf
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Mrs Dalloway ,Virginia Woolf , Wordsworth Classics 2008 ; Clarissa Dalloway is civilised--without the ostentation of a socialite, but with enough distinction to attract them to her parties. She finds excess offensive, but surrounds herself with the highest quality and has an abhorrence for anything ugly or awkward. Mrs. Dalloway is as much a character study as it is a commentary on the ills and benefits society gleans from class. Through Virginia Woolf, we spend a day with Clarissa as she interacts with servants, her children, her husband, and even an ex-lover. As she plans and executes one of her celebrated parties, she reveals inner machinations incongruous with her class-defined behaviors, that ultimately enable her to transcend them. Gospođa Dalovej - Virdžinija Vulf ,
paperback, size 12,5 x 19,5 cm , 146 pages ,