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BETWEEN GOD AND MAN , Bogoljub Šijaković

BETWEEN GOD AND MAN , Bogoljub Šijaković
Autor: Bogoljub Šijaković
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BETWEEN GOD AND MAN , Bogoljub Šijaković , Academia Verlag 2002 , Essays in Greek and Christian Thought , The essays collected in this book reach behind the various fields of philosophy and theology, such as ontology and epistemology, anthropology and ethics, philosophy of history and history of philosophy, philosophy of religion and theory of mystique. The themes and problems discussed here are traditional as well contemporary: self-knowledge and the knowledge of God, apophatics and cataphatics, transcendence and paradox, sacrifice, violence, holiness, responsibility, decision, evil, sin, death, guilt, repentance, forgiveness, salvation, as well as: wisdom, good, person, love, the Other, freedom, fate, history, theodicy and anthropodicy. All this thematic diversity, which comes from the Hellenic and Christian spritual heritage, is embraced with the unifying question of the relationship between God and man. Besides, philosophy and theology are not taken only as specialized professional Knowledge, but rather as curing skills that should be able to heal the wounds of the current civilization and treat us for amnesia. mek povez, format 14 x 20,5 cm , 127 strana